onAfterDelete in list

Could you explain the syntax of this event. I mean that I should put in place of “view” and “data”.
The way I’m using it is this ":
$$ (‘BookLoad’). attachEvent (“onAfterSelect”, function (id) {
// code
but nothing happens when you delete the item from the list.

It is worth mentioning that I am using the event in a typo uploader list.

Thanks for your support.

Sorry, I misspelled my example.
I update my example:

$$(‘cargaLibro’).attachEvent(“onAfterDelete”, function(id){

Hello, @CesarCTA

For uploader list solely functions as an element displaying loaded (preloaded) files. The real processing happens in files, (the data collection that stores all the files added into Uploader) but the list. To call the event, you could use files.
Please, check the snippet here: Code Snippet