One developer working with GPL and Commercial

Could I use both Licenses at same time for different Projects/Customers?

Lets say im developing an Tool XX under GPL; one day an other customer Y comes and
says: “i want a Tool YY but not under GPL”, I could buy commercial license then for this Project?

Yes. Sure you can use GPL license for open source projects, and Commercial license for closed sources projects.

Apologies if this is already answered in the forums somewhere already, I wasn’t able to find it.

My question is regarding a third variation of the answer above. If I want to open source my web application, but I need capabilities that are only available in the licensed version, does that mean that I can not open source my app?

In other words, a Commercial license for open source projects.

Hello @tristan ,
Please take a look at one of the terms of License Agreement:

  • Under no circumstances may any portion of the SOFTWARE’s source code or any modified version of the source code be distributed, disclosed or otherwise made available to any third party.