Our client has bought the pivot license, but I can't use it

When I using view: ‘pivot’, It throws “Unknown view: ‘pivot’ error”,
“ui[view] is not a function”.

Need help

@webix team

Why does the ‘webix_debug.js’ and ‘pivot_debug.js’ have no errors when loading?
Can these two js used in production environment?

You need to include both js files, webix.js first and pivot.js after that, to use webix pivot on the page. ( be sure to use js file from the same version )

It is not recommended to use _debug versions of js files in production. Those files do contain not optimized code and may work a bit slower than the production version of the same code.


I do include both js file, but it throws out an error.
both js files are v3.1.2

webix UI v.3.1.2
This software is covered by Webix Commercial License.
Usage without proper license is prohibited.
(c) XB Software Ltd.

It throws out an error said ‘e[i] is not a function’, then I use both debug.js, it works,Don’t know why.

I have sent you the link to the latest pivot, as private message.

Please try to use both webix.js and pivot.js from that package. ( I have checked the same package locally, and pivot works correctly for me )