Pdf in pdfviewer is blurred

I have two of the same pdf.

  1. with webix pdfViewer:


  1. the same pdf viewed with adobe pdf viewer,


In original its the same size. But the hole pdf with pdf viewer is some how blurred… but I don’t know how to correct this…

So please give me a hand to fix this. Thanks a lot


Do you have any help or hints that could solve the problem?

Please for help.


Hello again…

Is there no one which can explain why the pdf view is blurred?

Thank you


Hello @Michael,

Could you please provide a snippet with a problem in our snippet tool? Thanks in advance!

No that isn’t possible. But if you have a pdfview snippet to view an example I will have a look whether this happend only on 4K Monitors. Cause I have two monitors with a slightly different screen resolution.

Thank you NatashaS

Have a look on this snippet Code Snippet
Is simply yours. and then have a look on this original pdf and compare with your original pdf…

can you see a different?

@Michael, I’m extremely sorry, but this behavior is a bug. The bug occurs on the side of the library that Webix uses to display PDFs.

okay. but is there a solution? Or will be a solution in time?


Unfortunately, we do not have a known solution to this problem. Because the bug is on the side of the pdf.js library that Webix uses.

okay… thank you anyway

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Would it be possible to get in contact with pdf.js library owner… or devs?
Because creating pdf and viewing is a very important thing for me and my app!!

Thanks a lot