Proble with pdfviewer

Hello averyone!

I’'am using the pdf viewer, but when in the console of my browser throw me this error:
“Security error: the content at ‘name of my web page’ cannot load data from js.”

This error is just is in Mozilla Firefox, with other browser, for example Google Chrome, I don´t have this problem, in fact if I upload my file

Does anyone know why this happens?

Hello @CesarCTA,
Unfortunately, it seems to be an issue with the PDF.js library itself (the 3-rd party library we use to process and render the PDF files within our views), and doesn’t originate from within our code. For the time being, while the issue isn’t fixed on their side, you can use the workaround provided below.
We use third-party solutions for data import/export (PDF.js in the case of PDF files), which are not included in the Webix package and are requested automatically from our CDN. You can download the same exact files stored on our CDN and use them locally, which should fix the issue you are having. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

1). Download the package with CDN-files from: GitHub - webix-hub/cdn-extras: Content of //
2). Rename the folder to “extras” and move it to the desired directory
3). Set the path to the local CDN repository in your code as in:

webix.env.cdn = "/local_folder";

The same exact guide can be found in our documentation.

Thanks a lot!
I will do what they advise me, hoping to solve the problem