Product Pack License Term

Dear Webix Team,

I would like to ask about term of product pack license.

I develop one project (core system) that use webix framework as frontend.

The build from one project (core system) will be used as company framework to develop two product (backend/business content module module). The backend use java.

The two product will be sold to customer as SaaS and also customize (custom only business content not front end). So i will have many project but i just have one project that used webix that is my core system.

My Question,

  1. Can i use product pack license for this terminology ?
  2. Can you explain the meaning of number developer in product pack ?
  3. What if i use individual license with more than one developer ? is it possible ?
  4. If i buy product pack, is the license only valid for 1 year ?
  5. what if i didn’t renew my license ? is there any audit from webix to detect whether i use license or not ?
  6. How about GPL License (webix free) ? what happen if i use webix free to create commercial product ? what kind audit that webix will be do ?

I hope i can get answer about this.


Hi Irvan. Thank you for your questions. I have replied in PM.

Thank you for your reply.

So from your reply i can concloude that you recommend me to use DevTeam Pack (unlimited project, 5 developers).

Can i request custom of DevTeam Pack (unlimited project, 2 developers) ?

I request this because i just want unlimited project and my dev team only 2 person, so if i use DevTeamp Pack from your website i think it’s to pricy according to my reqeuirement.

i hope i can get another answer from you.


The license consep is perpetual.

So if i dont renew my license i still get webix professional according my license ?
How about project, if i buy DevTeam Pack and dont renew licese, can i make and sell unlimited project ?

Our license system functions in the following way. If you purchase any Webix Pack, you will get an opportunity to get Webix major and minor updates and technical assistance for 1 year. After 1 year, you can continue using all Webix versions that were released during your subscription period as long as you wish. In this sense the license is perpetual. You pay once and can use the product without any time limit. But if you would like to get the product updates and technical assistance of our Support Team, you should renew the subscription for a further year (the support/update subscription is for 12 months). We grant a 30% discount if you renew the subscription till your current subscripion is still valid.
Thus, you will be able to keep using your Webix version on all your projects even if you don’t renew the subscription.