propertyview google-map item

I want to specify the location and zoom size of the map as a propertyview item.

  • When the map is displayed as a popup, the following error occurs.

editors.js:184 Uncaught TypeError: this.getInputNode(…).setValue is not a function
at Object.setValue (editors.js:184)
at u.Va (editability.js:217)
at u.edit (editability.js:156)
at u. (editability.js:97)
at u.callEvent (eventsystem.js:56)
at u.Ju (mouseevents.js:158)
at u.Wu (mouseevents.js:77)
at HTMLDivElement. (helpers.js:97)

  • I tried to get the center coordinates of the map when the map drag is finished, but there seems to be no “dragend” event. What should I do?

To use map as a property view item you can create Custom Popup Editor (it helps to extend standart popup editor with new functions)
Please, check the snippet Code Snippet