Question About Package

Consider I’m a newbee and dont understand anything about the package, but please help me to know better:

  • Whats mean 1 developers? Consider I’m a client and buy a license, and the license transferred to my developer, is this possible?

  • If I buy from “build your own pack” license and I’m not buy support, will I have update in entire year license?

  • in “Build your own pack” if i put 0 developers and i put check on pivot? What will I get?

Thank you


  • 1 developer means that only 1 person can use the license. If only your developer will use the license, you can buy it and transfer to him;

  • Yes, once you buy a Developer license (with support or without) you will get all the updates during the year.

  • No, you cannot buy Pivot without buying single developer license. But once you already have it, you can buy any of our extensions or Support plans separately. You just need to contact