README: Welcome again!

Hi everyone,

It’s Olga from Webix Support Team.

These changes may seem a little rapid, but we have moved our forum to the Discourse platform. We intend to give you a stable, convenient, and secure solution. Hope you’ll enjoy the new system!

The final design is yet to be defined, but all features are on.
We successfully imported years of questions and discussions here and hope you will be able to explore this information with greater ease :slight_smile:

Why so fast?

As you may have noticed, there was a lot of spam recently. We are sorry for all the inconvenience caused by it.
We did our best to tune our filters and moderate them manually, but we will be helping you more effectively in a spam-proof system.

What are the current drawbacks?

Unfortunately, users will need to restore their passwords via email.
The old profile pictures and previous history of private messages aren’t available anymore.

Thank for this innovation. It looks and feels more comfortable and modern than previous one. :sunglasses:
Dark mode is the great feature.
Searching thickets become more friendly.
Likes and smiles brings more satisfaction.
I am glad for your growing and wish your team best coding ever. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the feedback!
Dark mode will be back soon (once we finish the minor changes in design).

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I was logged in from my smartphone yesterday.
Today load the forum from desktop and seems like it uses smartphone mode. Can it be possible?
I see all elements zoomed in.

Not sure if the mode is saved automatically (please check if there is browser/system zoom), but you can switch between the desktop and mobile views in the popup menu

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Thanks, it was page zoom …never mind.

Thank for this innovation . It looks and feels more comfortable and modern than previous one. :sunglasses: