Responsive Datatable

Greetings, Webix Team!

Is there a way to have a datatable that is responsive in mobile devices?

Hello, @dev04 !

Please, check this information about Responsive Layouts and such properties as [gravity]( ,
[minWidth]([maxWidth]( (or min/maxHeight) (for the views inside layout).

As for the grid, so here is dynamic size of columns and to solve it you can use fillspace attribute or [adjust]( with minWidth.

Thanks, Nastja!

I would like to see an example of a responsive datatable.

Hello @billtricarico ,
Here’s an example of dynamic column width with a limitation (minWidth).
If you have precise requirements for datatable responsivity, we will be glad if you could clarify them.

Hi Nastja
I have used fillspace and minWidth, When Check in mobile responsive , it was not scrolling. Need to scroll both view and subview in datatable. Please help

Hi Nastja,
For mobile view,
if scrolled data is properly shown for parent table but for subview its not showing up. could you please help me with that

Hello @Aravindh @Gokul,
Unfortunately, I can’t repeat the described issue. Could you please provide a demo (via our snippet tool) and specify the:
1 Webix version
2 Device model
3 Browser version
Scroll works fine in the version 7.4 of Webix on IOS v.13.6 with the latest Chrome/Safari: Code Snippet

Hello @annazankevich
I want to see the data of child table when the parent table is scrolled.
i dont want to scroll the child table seperately.

please refer the below snippet

thank you.

Hi @Gokul ,
Please take a look at the snippet: Code Snippet

Hi @annazankevich
I cannot scroll the content of sub-view in mobile and tablet. Only the parent table is getting scrolled in the example you have given

Hi @Gokul ,

Unfortunately, it is not clear from the description. Could you please elaborate more on this requirement? Do you want to see all the data in a subview at once without scrolling? Or do you need a scroll in subview and what kind of scroll do you need (horizontal/vertical)?

Hi @annazankevich
I want the horizontal scroll for main table and if i scroll the main table the subview also should get scrolled if subview is opened.
i want these scroll bar for mobile view