Scheduler access to the "X" close window button, and Delete Event -> "OK" button

Hello, what would be the functions to gain access to the “X” on the top left corner of the event information window, and the “OK” button after the “Delete Event” button is pressed on the event information screen. I can access the Done button after editing an event with below code:

       // Custom code placed here


Hello @DanTheProgrammer,

The “X” button can be found as a part of the scheduler.views[“event/info”] JetView, which you can access via its config() (see the example below).

The event deletion logic can be found within the appropriately named DeleteEvent() method of the scheduler.views[“event/info”] JetView.

Here is an example showcasing the override for both elements: Code Snippet.

In general, we recommend referring to Class Map in our docs to figure out the general location for the relevant element and then cross-reference it with the widget sources to find the exact location of the related logic/element.