Searching for items after applying excel filters to a DataTable

Hi, I haven’t found a solution in other topics on this forum, so I decided to ask a question.

Is there a way to implement the table search functionality after applying the built-in filters for one specific column? Maybe there are workarounds?

The overall task: I need to implement a search through an external input element (while keeping the configured excelFilter in columns). This is very similar to applying an additional filter on top of the exposed built-in filters, and I tried to register an external filter through the RegisterFilter method, which in turn turned off the built-in filter.

Example: Code Snippet

Current behavior: the filter on the “Film title” column does not work when the filter is set via input
Expected behavior: user can additionally perform a search on filtered items

Thanks in advance


Please check the following example: Code Snippet - here you can search items that were filtered.

@NastassiaM Thank you so much for your time! I dealt with this in the same way, it is not explicitly written in the documentation and this causes difficulties :frowning: