Secondary, right-side Y Axis for charts

I’d asked in another discussion, too: Is there no way to set up a secondary Y Axis for a chart? I have, for example, a bar-chart of hours and a line-chart of # of items. The hours range from 0 thru 10, the # of items from 80 to 100. With the current layout, since both charts rely on the left-side Y Axis, the bar-charts are rendered very, very small. A secondary Y Axis on the right for the line-chart would fix things. Is there support for such behaviour? I see hacks to make this happen. Still no support for it in the package itself?


I’m afraid this kind of structure is not supported by the chart widget at the moment, and only a single yAxis can be displayed at a time. If this feature is critical for you, then we recommend taking a look at one of the existing chart integrations.