Sidebar + CustomScroll

When i use ‘CustomScroll’ it’s almost impossible/very difficult to select a popup.
Is there any way to solve this?


Popup will be shown only when the cursor is over the node of a corresponding icon, while the scrollbar renders over the sidebar.
As an option, I would suggest moving the scroll to the left via css:

  .webix_sidebar .webix_c_scroll_y {
  	left: 0;

Thanks for the answer!

Hi. I was wondering if there was a new opportunity to solve this issue over the past year. As the proposed solution does not fully correspond to the habits of users, and the current state of the web. Thank you.

Hi @IBeJluk,
Unfortunately, not yet.
Because the menu is hidden by the cursor exit (mousemove) from the zone where the data is drawn (there is a check for target and its belonging to a certain part of the component).
CustomScroll is drawn in the DOM next to the part that scrolls / is associated with the menu, that is, it does not pass this check.

Hi. Are there any plans to fix this bug?