Spreadsheet jump to specific position

Is there any method like excle hyperlink that set the sheet and cell to make spreadsheet jump to that cell?

Good day @coony ,

There is an Excel-like Hyperlink function.
At the moment, it accepts only url that opens an external page or a document.

However, it is possible to override the existing method to achieve the expected behavior: Code Snippet .

We will add this feature in one of our future releases, and now you may use this workaround.

Thank you, it’s great news for me!

Hello @coony ,

With the release of Webix 10.0.1 it is possible to add links to the cells, ranges or named ranges in HYPERLINK (via #).
Here is an example: Code Snippet .
Notice that the cell adress is shown in the block at the photo where it is also possible to write a link to show a cell.

Also a showCell method has been added in the new version.

@MariyaDemy hello, I find scrollbar in spreadsheet UI which use with Firefox broser(version 107) have a problem.
That scroll bar wouldn’t be used. Like the picture( that is invisible)

Hello @coony ,
Could you provide more details? For example, what OS are you using?

@MariyaDemy OS is WINDOWS10 & WINDOWS11.

Thank you, @coony .
Now I am able to reproduce the issue. We will fix it in one of our future releases.

Hi, @MariyaDemy I encountered a problem that I tryied to edit a cell on sheet,
but I need it in multimple line in same cell.
I tried to use “<br>”, it also can be complete the template.
I need like method, alt+enter, of EXCEL to reach that hot key.

Hello, @coony

If you just need to wrap the text inside the cell, you can use text wrap

Otherwise, you are right, it’s necessary to use
In case you’d like to use hotkey, please, use the following customisation (necessary to avoid default on enter behavior): Code Snippet