Stepper css and webix template

I’m trying to make an html stepper, I’ve tried the code here
In an html page, it works perfectly but in a webix template view the line between the steps won’t appear.
I can’t figure out why.
Any ideas ?



The problem is in z-index - when its value is -1, the line hides behined the view. So it’s enough to set z-index for .stepper li:after more than that, e.g. 1, and also you need to set z-index for .stepper li:before which will be more than .stepper li:after, e.g. 2 (note that you’ll also need to set the position (e.g. relative) for z-index to work in this case).

Please chech the example: Code Snippet

Thank you very much for the explanation !
It works perfectly now.

Have a nice day

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