Suggest cant display full content


As u see, in the number 1, my data isn’t show full of data ? How to show full text like picture 2 ?
Or at least it show tooltip or run right->left like use marquee

Hello, @duynq2197
There is too little space for the whole content. That is why it is not displayed as you wish.
You can use:

  1. fitMaster: false + width to change the width of the Suggest list so that it would contain all the text Code Snippet
    There is also an example how to adjust the width to the longest option:
    Code Snippet
    richselect: the width of the suggest popup
  2. css styles to change the height of the options, for example: Code Snippet
  3. As for a tooltip, you can add it in the body of a Suggest like this: Code Snippet
    More about a tooltip you can find here .
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  1. Snippet empty
  2. WOW. Why dont u give a property use this solution as fitMaster: false

It’s worked