Suggestions for selecting element using Selenium

I would like to automate testing our UIs with Selenium. Since Webix doesn’t assign the id attribute to elements, is there someone who has experience with setting up Selenium tests that can suggest the best way to do testing (specifically selecting elements and doing Drag/Drop if possible). Thank you!

Ok, so it seems like I just need to play around with XPATH to get the correct path and use that. I’m open to other suggestions and/or tools people use to identify elements and also to do DnD.

The Webix library assigns a unique view_id attribute to each of its views. The value of this attribute is always equal to the value of the id property from the view’s config. In cases where the id property is not specified, an automatic ID is generated in its stead.

So, in cases where you want to select a specific view, it is best to assign specific IDs to them (which you can then select via XPATH using the view_id attribute - this is similar to selecting them via the built-in $$() method).