To specify a template for a diagram

I want to attribute “data-*” to a diagram item. …

However, using the template property, the return value is printed in “webix_diagram_text_inner”.

<div webix_dg_id="item0" class="webix_diagram_item webix_diagram_item_default">  // **I WANT TO HERE
	<div class="webix_diagram_shape webix_diagram_shape_default"></div>
	<div class="webix_diagram_text" style="">
	<span class="webix_diagram_text_inner"></span></div> // **NOT THIS**

Since the item was created, it has been successful to add attributes using js.

let  item = document.querySelector("[webix_dg_id="+newId+"]")";
item.setAttribute("data-event-role", "move")

But, when new items are created, all previous items are re-rendered and disappeared.
Let me know how I can do it.