UI designer ZIP file downloads appear to have errors

I’m checking out the designer (which looks very useful) but all the ZIP files I have downloaded get reported as having an error in the headers. Plus the design.css file is always 0 bytes in size. Not sure if this is intentional.


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Thanks for the report! We conducted tests and can say that the problem lies in the use of the 7zip archiver. There are no problems with other archivers (for example, winrar or the built-in Windows archiver). As a temporary solution, we suggest using them.

We will try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Speaking of the design.css file, by default it is really empty. You can write your styles into it through the part of the interface at the bottom right (a text editor will open):

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Hello Natasha

Thanks for the update.

Understood re design.css. I wondered if it was related to the ZIP problem.

Is the designer available as a stand-alone project that might be run locally?

Yes, the designer with source code can be purchased as an add-on to the license. If you have extra questions about purchcase, please email: ekaterina@webix.com