Webix create class view with constructor

I use
import createwin from “views/createwin”
to import a view which can work independent.

I use it in return of config() : return {cols:[createwin]}

How can i pass something to constructor to dynamic function in config()
For example:

config() {
id: mipager:form:${PARAMS_I_WANT_TO_PASS},
view: “form”,

Hello, @duynq2197
You can use JetView Constructor for your goals.
Please, check the example: Code Snippet
Also, it is recommended to use localId instead of global id for UI elements in Jet modules (JetViews) . When using global ids, there is a risk of conflicts. Widgets ids must be unique and setting a local id will help to avoid conflicts if you are going to reuse the modules or components, for example.
As for the Views communication, you can use URL Parameters, Events and Services .

OK nice! I did it.

use constructor!