Webix datatable dynamic loading disable load data when scrolling

Hello, I have datatable view with dynamic loading ( I am using proxy interface for load data). The height of datatable like 1000px. When data is load there is some restriction like 10 rows only. Each row height is 25px. So when I click to next page webix automatically send few request to fill all datatable height. Is there a way to prevent this behavior ? I need send request only by clicking on pager which associate with current datatable.

or maybe is it possible to redefine loadNext behavior ?

Hello, @roma
There is a size property of a Pager that helps to display the needed number of records. You can also set the number of records that should be loaded from a server during each request (count property that is 50 by default) with the help of datafetch .
The first request to the server is send without parameters by default, since the datatable understands whether there will be dynamic loading only with the response from the server.
Also, as you are using proxy, when you form a request, you can either add to the count request parameter the value that comes in the proxy params, or any other value that you need. You can change other request parameters there too.
Please, check the example with a custom proxy and dynamic loading Code Snippet

datafetch solve as well. Thanks @MariyaDemy