Webix datatable too many columns need horizontal scroll

Hello is there a way to deal with datatable which have many columns and need horizontal scroll. All columns are important and resize them or making font-size smaller not help. I thinking about sub views or maybe there is some other solutions to avoid horizontal scroll and display all information in good way ? Thanks

Good day @roma,

There are several solutions. It all depends on the desired design and style of data display:
a. You can allow users to choose the information displayed - use the headermenu or place a list of columns next to the table with checkboxes that control their visibility. Snippet with sample is here.
b. Subrow property can display the required information on request, thereby reducing the number of columns: Code Snippet. Subview it’s a complicated propetry than subrow and has extended functionality.
c. Tooltip help you show information: Code Snippet. Or you can use popup instead of tooltip: Code Snippet
d. You can ‘freeze’ the most important columns for user at the left or at the right. Sample is here

@NatashaS good thanks