Webix datatable total for each column in footer

Hello i use webix datatable view. There is few columns with number, i need to add last row and display total per special columns with number (for another just empty). Read about summColumn but it for header, is there a way to do it, or add this information to footer ? Thanks

Hello @roma ,

You may use summColumn in a footer. For example: Code Snippet .

I knew it thanks you a lot !!!

is there a way to support dynamic calculations too ? Some columns value are depend on another (like a - b ) use template to calculate this. But total value still 0 and not updated

Good day @roma ,

By default, summColumn returns the cells values sum of the column to which the function is applied. You can see the logic here.
It is possible to extend this logic with a custom footer content function where you may redefine the refresh() method and change the way of calculations.
For example, here the 1 is added both to the cell values in the votes template and to the cell values in the customSumm function: Code Snippet .

@MariyaDemy thanks a lot! custom footer content function help me to solve