Webix Fontawesome icon

I am using button as below :{view: ‘button’, id: ‘move_button’, type: “icon”, icon: "fa-solid fa-right-to-bracket ", label: “Move”, width: 160},
I want to change the color of font awesome icon on button hover. How can I do this?

I found the way…
Thank u

Hello, @ Milly. That’s great your problem was solved. I suggest to take a look at general recommendation to assume everything works fine:

  1. Give a unique classname to your button

css: 'move_btn'

  1. Build a selector with right parent-child inheritance. Give a hover to parent and add color-change style to the child:
.move_btn button:hover .webix_icon_btn {

   color: red

Check out the snippet with solution.

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Hi @NatashaS
Thanks a lot for your answer and explanation.