Webix for Aurelia

I would like to make Webix UI widgets available as Aurelia plugin for Aurelia users. Is this legally OK?

Since Aurelia is an Open Source framework, the answer should be yes if I interpret Webix licensing rules correctly - but I would rather have someone with more “Webix experience” to address this question


Yep, you can use them along with Aurelia.

There are two scenarios

a) you can create plugins under GPL license without any extra limitations.

b) You can use FLOSS exception, in such case it will be possible to use plugins in the apps under any Open Source license.

Thanks, Maksim

If I may suggest: do a global search and replace each instance of “initing” with “initializing” - this seems like a very consistent grammatical error.

Also: webix looks really cool.

Hi @adriatic,
I’d like to try integrating Webix components into an Aurelia app (both an existing one in production and another one I’m writing from scratch).

Have you already done some progress in your integration/plugin project?
Or maybe you have some suggestions/early work that you want to share, and collaborate on…

I haven’t used Webix before, so I don’t know (yet) what are the extension points that could enable such an integration.
But I have used other UI frameworks with Aurelia, and they left me with a sense of disgust…
I really want something that is clean, JQuery-free (I don’t have anything against it, but I simply find it useless with Aurelia) and extendable.
In addition, I must use them with a third-party data access library (RemObjects DataAbstract).

Thank you very much, and sorry for the long post…