Webix highlight dynamically showColumn from headermenu

Hello i use webix datatable view. There is nice feature header menu which provide ability to hide/show column dynamically. Is there a way to highlight newly show column (add css maybe) ?

Hello, @roma
There is an onAfterColumnShow event of a datatable where you can get a config of a specified column by getColumnConfig(id) and add a css class to it.
Check the example: Code Snippet

Thanks @MariyaDemy this is exactly what I looking for. Maybe u can help with this issue. I need to active this only by clicking on headermenu popup. In different places in codes i hide and show columns too.

Hi, @roma
You can attach an onMenuItemClick event to the headermenu and add css styles when the event fires. Then, during onAfterColumnShow event you can remove the styles with a delay so that they are shown but not available if you then hide columns using other methods.
Also, please, notice that onMenuItemClick is attached by attachEvent but not with on. There are other event handlers set for a menu with on by default and it is not recommended to rewrite them since the menu can stop working properly.
Check the snippet: Code Snippet

@MariyaDemy Thanks it works prefect