Webix Jet App in different browser tabs


Excuse me, I’m learning WebixJet, so searching for stupid questions and answers … :slight_smile:

Can’t find any information about that, So I’m asking - it is possible?
Webix Jet philosophy is single page application. But … working with browser tabs most widely it looks more good views.

I want to use browser tabs as a parts of application. Now I have one app webixjs+wamp (apache+php+mysql…) , where with php “session_start” have the same session and global env vars …
From the main menu clicking on button it open new browser tab, where I’m constructing datatable …
Images from wamp solution:

I found only possibility to use tabbars with close buttons.

Mine aim is work with nodejs + webix jet. But in browser multitabs … :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance for any ideas and help …

Hi @Rimantas_Usevicius

Webix Jet represents only client-side part and has no specific limitations for this kind of task nor to the number of instances of an application opened for one user. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact solution, but there are some hints that could be helpful.
From what I can see, the problem probably can be narrowed down to authentication / session control on the server-side with the help of parameters that you can store in browser.

If the main issue is how to “tell” the backend that the same user is accessing system in different tabs, consider storing an authentication token in cookies (so you can set specific duration) or in the local storage (more rigid way), so it will be available between tabs and can be sent to the server with every request.
You can also get, store there (e.g in cookies), and send back some form of a designated server’s session ID,and do not create a new one for the same user (or use a token for the same purpose).

Thanks you, Listopad, for your answer.

Yes, the main problem is to use the session. In php after login I can to store to session user Id and some other valuables vars. And yes, it’s backend. I read some solutions with node and some frameworks ( express have some solutions too). Sorry but mine experience isn’t too big with that … :slight_smile: Simply I hoped that something already have a good solution or direction where to get know-how.

Ok, will search other solutions or lean how better to work with server side … :slight_smile:

With best regards!