Webix-jet form.isDirty() and localId potential bug

Hi webix team !

When using the global id on a form to get dirty status, everything works fine.

When using the local id on a form to get dirty status, it failed.

Bug or not ?

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'queryView')
    at JetBase.$ (webix-jet.js?12:83:31)
    at Object.template (<anonymous>:77:28)
    at result._toHTML (webix.js?12:2727:29)
    at result.render (webix.js?12:2739:44)
    at result.render (webix.js?12:26770:29)
    at result.$setSize (webix.js?12:26656:14)
    at result._set_child_size (webix.js?12:21995:24)
    at result._set_child_size (webix.js?12:22406:45)
    at result.$setSize (webix.js?12:22397:12)
    at result._set_child_size (webix.js?12:22008:24)

Demo here

Cross posted on github

Hi, there’s an answer on github. Not a bug.

great, thank’s a lot !