Webix Menu Path UI

When I click item from menu, I want to show menu and menu item name as link (path) on top of the page as below.
Does Webix has UI like this.
Menu > SubMenu1 > SubMenu2

Hi, this is called “breadcrumb”

Webix don’t have a native view for that, but you can do it by following the white rabbit here

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Ah, Webix does not have that widget. I got it.
And Thanks for your info.
I will try it.

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Can I ask you one thing please?
I can make the breadcrumb according to the info you provided.
Thank you.
I want to create just like the snippet below.
In the snippet, there is no gap or space between title and breadcrumb because I think it’s the same row.
The thing I want to create is title as one row and breadcrumb as one row and I used type space for each.
But if I done like this the space or gap appears between title and breadcrumbs.
Is there a way to make the space disappear.
Sorry for my English. I hope you understand what I meant.

Hi @Milly

you can play with anything you want if you add a css to your container, i.e


Then use developer console to get css name(s) you want to play with, i.e

.mycss .webix_[targetwebixitem] {

Example, you can play with css list item as you want, below we remove left/right padding , because you set “crumbs” css property

  .crumbs .webix_list_item {
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Thanks for your answers.
I will try it. Thank you so much.

Sorry for asking too many questions.
Can I create list without adding value in one page and then add it later from another page.

Hi, don’t be sorry, just ask, but take the time to explore snippets in “Find more snippets” search button (top right of your screen), plenty of examples with code.

Not sure to understand your question, maybe use your native language in a good translator like deepl ?

If you want to manually update list (menu) data depending on the table selection, here it is a way to go :

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