Webix scroll parent and child items

Hello i have window with main scrollview component. This component contain some text views and few datatables. When i scroll the default behavior is to stop when rich datatable, and start scroll inside cdhild datatable component is there a way to prevent this default behavior ? When scroll only in scrollview , and when set focus to datatable scroll there ? Thanks

Code Snippet, i need to scroll only in scrollview, but when the mouse inside of datatable it start scroll this item

Hello, @roma!
Well, yes, such behavior is by design.
You can customize code to create something similar, but it can be quite difficult.
E. g. on click it focuses on the view:

webix.event(child.$view.parentNode, 'click', (e) => {
                 const coord = child.$view.getBoundingClientRect();
                 if (e.x < coord.right && e.x > coord.left
                     && e.y < coord.bottom && e.y > coord.top) {
                   child.$view.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('mouseover'));
                   if (!scrollEvent) {
                     scrollEvent = webix.event(child.$view.parentNode, 'mousewheel', (e) => {
                   if(child.config.localId === 'experemental') {
                     const element = document.elementFromPoint(e.x, e.y);

And on mouseleave the focus is removed:

 webix.event(child.$view, 'mouseleave', (e) => {
                 scrollEvent = null;

Please, check an example: Code Snippet

thanks a lot! It is what I looking for and I see that is complex solution!