webix.toExcel/webix.toPdf styles after exporting

Hi Team,

Below is the column header in my datatable. So for headers, we using some
tag or some other css to wrap the text within header.

After exporting this to excel using webix.toExcel, we see as below image

Now, we want the same header height or width even after exporting to pdf or excel. I tried to put some width and height manually for headers but didnt work. rawValues:true didnt work.

Here’s the snippet. Code Snippet and I want sales and afterlinebreak in 2 rows.
Can someone help me to export the default width/height or multirow for the headers.


Thanks in advance😊

Greetings @Saikumar_Kandikonda,

Speaking about height change after export, try to use “Text wrap” button, to set correct display:

Linebreak in Webix works as word-wrap: break-word, not break-all. So we suggest to use a space if you need to wrap text to the next line. We do not recommend use /n character. Please, check out the snippet with correct example: Code Snippet

Please note, that Webix does not provide abillity of recognizing the /n character.

okay, got it. Is there any way where we can have 2 headers for Grid widget? @NatashaS