Webix window inside the tooltip template

Hello is there a way to open webix window by hover of another element (as like tooltip work) and close when hover out, thinking about use template method with html inside the template function but maybe there is easier way ?

popup as a tooltip


@franck34 thanks ! Do you know when open the tooltip is the a way to position it due to place on the screen. I mean if element in bottom of the page the popup is not visible ?

It should be visible.

You can offset if you want. show of ui.tooltip, Methods Webix Docs

@franck34 for me in not visible because this tooltip for datable cell, only on hover and problem when the row near the bottom of screen tooltip is under the screen, trying to find the way get mouse x,y and height of screen and set dynamically tooltip position

Good day @roma,

Can you provide a snippet with the problem in our snippet tool, please? Cause everything works as expected in this example.
Thank you in advance!