Z Index + window + confirm alert

Hi team
Il have Webix window and i need to use a zIndex to 99999 to overlap the Wrodpress Toolbar

When i use a webix confirm alert, its stays behind the window

i use the CSS + code

#wpadminbar {
z-index: 99900!important;

.webix_modal_box {
z-index: 99999!important;

view: “window”,
zIndex: 99990,

And the webix confirm alert stays behind the window :
Do you have an idea tu put the webix confirm alert to the fron please ?

Regards ,

try this

let zIndexBase = webix.env.zIndexBase;
webix.env.zIndexBase = 99999;
try {
} finally {
    webix.env.zIndexBase = zIndexBase;
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