Custom build

Is it possible create custom build without unnecessary components?

Technically - yes it is possible, but the tools for such task is not released yet.

We plan to publish online builder in next two weeks, in which you will be able to select the necessary components and to get the custom build.

Hi. What is the status of the builder?

It is ready but not released yet.
Most probably, we will push it online till the end of March.

@maksim Thanks

what is the status? I would need only the datepicker with a form on a website and don’t want to force the user to download 152kb js and 31kb css gzipped only for the webix library.

We have a tool for making a custom build, but it was not officially released yet. Anyway, it will work only for js file, it will not produce a custom CSS file.

If you need not anything except of datapicker, probably you need to choose a different library.

The Webix custom build tool was released in version 6.